IWC ingenieur automatic preis replica watch new Ingenieur line received a significant refresh last week, and while there are countless complications – believe rattrapante, electronic endless calendar, and tourbillon – it’s the Ingenieur in its simplest form that’s quite appealing to us. Here’s why:

First. It is little. But not too tiny. It’s 40mm, which is a fantastic size, and perfectly positioned between the classic AP Jumbo in 39mm and the new 41mm Royal Oak. We cite those two watches because the Royal Oak was, of course, designed by Gerald Genta. And so was that the Ingenieur SL straight back in the mid 1970s – the first Ingy to take with this particular shape. This layout just seems to work best across 40mm.

Second, it’s the only model in the recent Ingenieur line-up that’s anti-magnetic. It is fantastic to 40,000 amperes per meter and to us, this is essential for this particular watch. It is the opinion of the novel which IWC really, really missed the boat by not creating the entire lineup at least a little anti-magnetic. Imagine if only 1 model of IWC ingenieur automatic test replica watch Aquatimer set has been watertight? Imagine if Rolex created a Milgaus that was not anti-magnetic? Strange.

But, the Ingenieur Automatic is indeed anti-magnetic, and that’s a great thing. The opinion wears very, very nicely, on the incorporated IWC ingenieur automatic 500.000 a/m imitation watch bracelet. In this opinion is a ETA 2892, which we’re convinced will turn off a few individuals, but it’s really not a huge thing. The reason we say this really is that: IWC Ingenieur Automatic Replica watch doesn’t make an in-house motion that may fit into a 40mm case. Think about it. The tiniest watch IWC makes with an in-house motion is the 42.3millimeter Portuguese Automatic and that retails for more than 12,000. Since IWC decided to use an ETA movement here, the cost is roughly half what it’d be if they had used one of their very own calibers – $6600. Also, the anti-magnetic cage, case and bracelet work on this watch do the price justice.

So, the IWC ingenieur automatic chronograph imitation watch Ingenieur Automatic 40mm creates a fairly compelling argument to those trying to find a nice tool watch with true scientific and horological roots. It’s the correct size, resembles the original Genta design carefully, holds true on the anti-magnetic origins of the Ingenieur line, and its relatively reasonably priced. More details here.