Over two weeks ago, we introduced you a sneak peak at IWC’s handsome new Aquatimer dip watch collection for 2016. We recommend checking that post for a bit of extra info, as well as for context on how IWC has been publishing new models and to get some history behind their well-regarded Aquatimer dip watch. Though the SIHH 2016 trade show isn’t for another few weeks, we have fresh, interesting information which can help you make sense of the whole selection of IWC Aquatimer Replica Watches versions for the new year. We do not have pictures of all (however ), but we’ll let you know exactly what you want to understand until we could follow-up with a full hands-on post after the show later in January.

That doesn’t include some color variations one of the typical models like the Aquatimer Chronograph or Aquatimer Automatic. The array has a large variety of styles, colours, materials, complications, and prices. Looking back to the original IWC Aquatimer watches from 1967, as we called last time, IWC aquatimer galapagos replica watch was also heavily affected by the watches that they produced for Porsche Design in the early 1980s such as the famed (and beautiful ) Ocean 2000.

Let us begin with what we don’t have to really show you (UPDATE: we’ve got additional information on the Deep Three and the Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month) — these would be both highest-end IWC Aquatimer watches for your year and include a new depth gauge model with the Aquatimer Deep Three (ref. IW355701). This follows in the footsteps of this IWC GST Deep One from 1999 and the Aquatimer Deep 2 from 2009. At 46mm wide Aquatimer Deep Three will probably be generated in titanium. Though the in-house made motion isn’t per se new, IWC does claim it is improved over the previous generation Deep Two version. Really it is not totally in-house. The IWC grade 30120 relies in an ETA 2892 using lots of their own adjustments and enhancements. We understand that price for your Deep Three is about $23,000.

Just as IWC aquatimer chronograph edition galapagos islands replica watch did last season with all the Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month, IWC will place its caliber 89801 automatic movement in an Aquatimer version. This may also be the greatest watch of the entire Aquatimer collection and according to IWC the 2nd largest watch that the brand has ever produced, being 49mm in an 18k rose gold case with rubber-coated titanium. IWC379401), and when unmodified, will have a perpetual calendar screen with an electronic indicator for the date and month, in addition to a chronograph. This model is going to be a limited edition of just 50 pieces and just dive-themed being water resistant to 100 meters.

The remaining models are either three-hand automatics or chronographs, but there are just two models of each. The most basic version of the entire collection is that the IWC Aquatimer Automatic and it comes in four versions (refs. Among those four variant will probably be at least two dial colours (black and what resembles silver), on either a rubber strap or metal bracelet. The Aquatimer Automatic will be extended in a steel case and will likewise be the smallest version at 42mm wide. We guess that the Aquatimer Automatic will have a foundation Swiss ETA or comparable automatic movement.

Try not to get too confused, but IWC aquatimer deep imitation watch has another assortment of Aquatimer Chronograph models, each being a part of a themed limited variant that we will discuss more below. Each of those Aquatimer Chronograph limited edition versions utilize the IWC in-house created standard 89365 movement. Depending on the architecture of the Valjoux 7750, the 89365 is a fairly different chronograph movement with a 60 minute counter, date, and flyback function. It isn’t the 12 hour chronograph (with two hands in the top sub dial) the preceding Aquatimer Chronograph model needed, which would be the IWC caliber 89361. These have a distinct dial layout compared to the basic Aquatimer Chronograph models together with all the steel case.

What’s more, is the special ratcheting system. The outside rotating bezel works in both directions, but only moves the inner rotating bezel when moving counter-clockwise. IWC claims the ratcheting system helps individuals wearing gloves to run it. It actually makes sense, given that occasionally turning the bezel demands an awkward rotation of the wrist to perform it fast. I truly look forward to playing with this brand new bezel system hands-on soon.

Each of the Aquatimer Chronograph versions that feature an in-house IWC movement are also limited/special edition versions, and there are four of these. These pieces will possibly get the most attention because they offer a lot of things to talk about. I feel that they will have 44-45mm wide instances. Further, each one of these models will be water resistant to 300 meters and again will include IWC aquatimer iw3548-07 imitation watch caliber 89365 automatic chronograph moves.

The first two models are each associated with IWC’s relationship with organizations which assist preserve or study Galapagos Islands. First is the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition”50 Years Science for Galapagos” (ref. IW379504). It features a black vulcanized rubber-coated situation with black dial. The next model is that the associated Aquatimer Chronograph Edition”Galapagos Islands” (ref. IW379502). What’s different about this dial up, is the hands and markers are blue-versus white like the other Galapagos Island model.

It’s also the first IWC aquatimer 2000 automatic titan 3538-03 fake watch generated from bronze. A rare substance in watch manufacturing, until Gerald Genta attracted us the Gefica (aBlogtoWatch review ). Bronze was a sexy substance as of late, being fueled but also the independent watch creating community. Bronze possibly hit its most mainstream instant when Panerai decided to use it to get a case substance. IW379503). The bronze substance will patina a bit over time creating a sort of vintage/aged appearance. Though some of these models are limited editions, IWC does not claim all of them to be. However, expect that each of those”Edition” Aquatimer Chronograph versions will observe a limited production run during the next few decades.