Back in 2002, IWC established a watch which would later come to be a genuine foundation in the group, a watch that many praised and adored, a watch that would specify IWC big pilot’s top gun miramar replica watch as a true pilot’s watch fabrication: the Big Pilot. The first edition — the standard black dial version, Ref. IW5002 — has been a modern re-introduction of an iconic German military view, the B-Uhr. This watch, dating from 1935 and marked’Beobachtungsuhr’, was worn by the aeroplane’s navigators.

German Luftwaffe pilots used this IWC big pilot’s watch heritage replica watch as a true navigation instrument and, for this very reason, the opinion was large — about 55mm in diameter — and adapted a massive hand-wound pocket watch movement. The motion was surrounded with a soft-iron circumstance, which makes these watches anti-magnetic, which is crucial for aviation timepieces. IW431) that was first made in 1940 (see image above.)

The 2002 IWC Big Pilot’s replica watch Ref. IW5002 proved to be a contemporary interpretation of the concept rather than a faithful copy of a past version. However, it was defined by its oversize case — 46mm — and its emblematic dial, together with markers and hands identical to the 1940s watches. Interior was an ultra-large motion, this time though with automatic winding and a 7-day electricity reserve. Vintage in style, but not at all the specifications.

The newly introduced Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces that IWC big pilot’s watch annual calendar spitfire imitation watch started to please people who locate the traditional black dial variation too specialized, too modern, not rooted in army inspiration. I can understand that some people want something much more”classic” when it comes to these WWII-inspired watches, as the IW5009 is a chilly, instrument-like watch with no frills. Matters solved, the titanium IW501004 and even more the bronze IW501005 are genuinely antique-looking.

Bronze can be used also on the diamond-shaped oversized crown although maybe not to the caseback, that is constructed from titanium for obvious skin-protection reasons. Bronze oxide may cause allergic reactions and this material shouldn’t be in direct contact with the skin. The caseback does not feature a translucent sapphire (such as the steel model). The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch is designed as a genuine tool made to help navigation (or not, depending on what you want to do with it), and its case is protected against magnetic fields with a soft-iron cage surrounding the motion. In precisely the same vein, the sapphire crystal onto the dial side is secured against displacement with a sudden drop in air pressure.

On the wrist, no surprises. The IWC Big Pilot’s heritage imitation Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is and stays a Significant Pilot. It is large, thick, heavy and is very much a statement piece. No debate. This is part of the model and, like it or not, a huge Pilot’s can not be smaller. The strap can be thick and long, which, once again, fits in with the entire idea of the watch. Nevertheless, the lugs are short and curved enough to create the watch balanced and rather comfortable once secured to the wrist. The watch, thanks to this bronze case along with also the brand new dial, is warmer and more playful than the steel version.

The IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Heritage Bronze IW501005 is unquestionably a wonderful watch — at least, for people who will like its obsolete case and dial. For this reason, it’s marginally more segmenting than the steel model and will be less easy to put on on a regular basis. Within this configuration, it becomes a collector’s piece, explaining also the 1,500-piece limited edition.